Handwritten Pattern Recognition System

Handwritten Pattern Recognition System project which aims to develop software which will detect handwritten character in an applet. Hand Written Pattern Recognition System can be accessed throughout an organization. The application is basically confined to English language. The software will be developed using Neural network concepts. Handwriting recognition is a technology that lets a computer translate human writing into text. This project developed by engineering students.

Project contents

1. Introduction 

1.1 Brief outline of project
1.2 Organization of rest of the report

Brief outline of the project

This project is aimed at developing software which will be helpful in recognizing characters of English language. This project is restricted to English characters and numerals only. It is also helpful in recognizing special characters. It can be further developed to recognize the characters of different languages. It engulfs the concept of neural network.

Literature Survey

ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK : An artificial neural network is a system based on the operation of biological neural networks, in other words, is an emulation of biological neural system.


  • Brain is the network of billions of neurons.
  • Connection between neurons is with the help of dendrites.
  • Neuron fires the event only if the sum of input signals is greater than threshold value.

SRS of Hand Written Pattern Recognition system

This project aims to develop software which will detect handwritten character in an applet. The application is basically confined to English and numbers. The software is developed using Kohonen Neural network concepts. This application will dynamically detect the character.

SRS: General Constraints

The system should have Drawing Editor to draw different characters. The system should have a database to store the characters and display the characters present in the database. The system should add new characters and must display the trained characters.

The trained characters can be

  • English Letters
  • Numerical
  • Special Characters

SRS: Feasibility Analysis


The system is more reliable as it is a standalone system.


     The application can be run on any Operating System as it is based on Java Virtual Machine.